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Super elastic interlinings from Freudenberg's Stretch Active Range allow for greater possibilities in active wear styling, with a variety of shaping options. Applicable for all types of elastic active wear.

XB Series

Nonwoven interlinings, soft and light, high wash durability. Applicable for waistbands of leggings, cuffs, and other parts. Available in 40g/m² weight with recycled options.


XE Series

Base content made from 100% GRS-certified recycled Thermoplastic Elastomer (rTPE). Offers exceptional elasticity and recovery. Applicable for waistbands of leggings, stretchable jeans, and casual jeans. Available in 75-90g/m² weights.


UE Series

High elasticity, good recovery performance, strong support. Unique mesh structure ensures excellent breathability. Applicable for garments like sports bras. Available in 153-220g/m² weights.

Light and soft-to-the-touch: Comfortable in the bonded areas while maintaining a light and soft feel
Unique, breathable structure
Please refer to the above illustration for application example of Super Elastic Interlinings.
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