Highly-elastic TPU tapes from Freudenberg's Stretch Active Range are made from 100% TPU, offering excellent elasticity. Applicable for areas that require recovery reinforcement, such as the waistband of athletic pants, neck holes and shoulders of sports jerseys, and undergarments.

SC Series

Sanded, superior recovery, suitable for knit or elastic fabrics. Available in 0.1mm thickness.


SF Series

High transparency, good shape retention, suitable for knit or elastic fabrics. Available in 0.12-0.16mm thickness.


Easier to sew because of increased friction on tape surface from embossment or sanding
No harmful chemicals: Safe, reliable, and suitable for infants
Low thermal shrinkage
Reinforced stretch and recovery of outer fabrics reduces warping
Exceptional anti-yellowing performance enhances garment durability
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Please refer to the above illustration for application example of Sports Jerseys/Swimming Wear.
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