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Breathable bonding solutions from Freudenberg’s Stretch Active Range with high-quality adhesive in discontinuous dots or net structure allow bonded areas to breathe while retaining fabrics’ natural hand feel and elasticity after bonding. Applicable for a wide range of outer fabrics and various types of intimate apparel, active wear, fashion apparel, etc.
DBT Series
Applicable for various needs, such as reducing visibility of bonding dots, providing good elasticity, and maintaining fabrics' natural hand feel. Products available in 20-23g/m² weights, with different sized bonding dots. Made with 100% PA adhesive or 100% PES adhesive.
NBT Series
Unique adhesive net with excellent recovery, outstanding breathability, and elasticity. Available in 50-238g/m² weights.
Bonded areas are soft, with a natural hand feel
Bonded areas are lighter than in conventional bonding solutions
Effectively reduces visibility of bonding dots
Please refer to the above illustration for application example of Breathable Bonding Solutions.
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